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How to Recover Deleted Photos from Android Smartphones

Stellar Android Data Recovery

Embedded with a number of amazing features, Android mobiles are becoming powerful smartphones for people who want to do more with their handset. It has, virtually, most attributes that a user desires to have in their mobile gadget. In addition to their most thrilling characteristics such as a screen of size as big (more than 5 inches), support for complete ...

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Digital Data and Need for Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery

Everything around us is basically driven by data. Imagine you are working on an important presentation that you were editing and suddenly your laptop’s hard disk has crashed out of nowhere, how would you feel? You will start imagining your boss scolding and a likely possibility of getting fired. Your world will come to a standstill. Well, you don’t need ...

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How Secure is RAID 10 and RAID 50

RAID 50 Security

RAID drives are combined into a single logical unit that provides data redundancy with increased overall system performance. The biggest advantage of using a RAID system is that it has fault tolerance ability that enables a system to perform continuously even when one or more hard drives have failed. There are multiple ways to distribute data in a RAID system ...

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All you need to know about RAID

What is RAID? RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is a virtualization technology for the data storage, which actually helps to combine multiple disks into a single logical unit. This addresses data redundancy and improvement in performance. For layman RAID terminology and the technology can be unclear, but if briefed RAID means combining of one or multiple hard disk to ...

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LEO Privacy Guard Review – App Locker And Booster

LEO Privacy Guard App

As i always say, our smartphones and gadgets use to have more information about us than our family and colleagues. It contains all your locations, private data such as some legal documents, Videos or pictures, or bank or credit card details, etc. With the growing demand of Smartphones and technology, the risk of our personal information getting leaked to somebody ...

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Safeguarding the organizations from data breach and Cyber-Attacks

Data breach is when our confidential information is viewed, stolen or is misused by unauthorized parties. This can lead to damage of property and also violation of property rights. Data breach can have serious implication on the business which can result in loss of business and trust among the customer and the patrons. One of the major reasons of data ...

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Rocket VPN App Review – The Free Proxy Shield for Android

Rocket VPN App

If you are among the one who uses his smartphone or tablets for carrying some important (or i can say confidential) activities on internet, you might surely be feeling need of a VPN (Virtual private network). Why do we need a VPN ? It is not just to play with our friends by sending them messages from different locations. It ...

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