Movavi Photo Editor Review – An Easy to Use Editing and Object Remover Tool

If you were on holidays or a trip, after returning the first thing your close ones ask about is Pictures. Because that is the one explains better how your holiday or the trip was. It is also something to kept forever as our Memories that brings smile while seeing after long years. We also like to share them with our friends on number of Social Medias now a days. But can you share every photos in their Raw format, as you clicked it? Well, that sounds little weird because the photo must look attractive.

That is where we need a good Photo Editor tool. With increasing numbers of photos we click from Smartphones now a days, there are so many photo editing apps available for your phones also but they are not as effective as the tools available for computers. Mobile apps only offer few filters, cropping, little enhancing, and that’s all. While on PC, you can not only enhance the picture and add filters, but also remove unwanted stuffs from your picture, remove backgrounds, add professional captions and also do lot more in when it comes Selfies.You need, for Example, tools like Photoshop for doing these things. But don’t remember, softwares like Photoshop requires pretty good skills. Not everyone can do that.

What if i say there is a tool that offers all these professional photo editing and enhancing features with easy to understand user interface using which even a newbie can go through comfortably. Yes, i am talking about Movavi Photo Editor.


Movavi Photo Editor 5 is a Premium Photo Editing software available for Windows as well as MacOs. Although, the trial version let’s you work with just 10 photos maximum. There is a Paid variant offering unlimited everything at just $39.95. Personally i am a professional in Photoshop and Illustrations, trust me when i say, Movavi Photo Editor will exceed your expectations. Compared to Photoshop,  Movavi is very light weight but very comfortable and user-friendly tool that lets you almost everything (or very close) that Photoshop does.

Using this photo editor, you can Enhance your picture in one click using the Magic Enhance System, change or remove photo background, delete unwanted objects from a picture, repair vintage photos, and more. Talking about Selfies, you can remove skin blemishes, Delete acne, scratches, wrinkles, add makeup and do much more along with the basic features of any photo editor such as crop, flip, rotate, adding filters, captions as well as Watermarks. Remember, you don’t need to be a professional for doing all this. It is so easy. Let’s check out the amazing features of Movavi Photo Editor.

User Interface:

As i said, Movavi Photo Editor comes with user friendly interface with all important features arranged in tab and are easy to reach. You can see Adjust tab along with Effects, Retouching, Object Removal and all other options on the top which when you click opens further adjustment tabs on the right. They have also named the options in layman terms so that a newbie can understand it too. Just next you can also see the Before / After option that lets you compare the pictures side by side.

Movavi Photo Editor review

Talking about editing and other tools, they are arranged simply in Sliders, drag and dropping, and so on. Some of these important features either needs just couple of clicks while some other Automated so that anyone willing to make their pictures attractive can do it comfortably with this tool.

To make things more easier, you will get a lot of help in the ‘Help’ menu. You can go through in-app tutorial, you can get to tutorial videos on YouTube, Then their is User guide and ‘How To’ section that teaches you how to perform several important tasks on your pictures. Last but not least, you can even contact the support option provided.

Editing Features:

Movavi Photo Editor supports wide range of important photo editing features, which are as follows:

Skin Blemish Remover

Creating a stunning portrait as never been so easy. Using the Blemish Remover ( of Movavi Photo Editor, not only you can clean up the face / skin by removing acne, scratches or wrinkles but also fix the skin tone and face shine. You can also change Eye color, hair color and do more makeup.

Remove Skin Blemishes from Photos

Remove Unwanted Objects

Its yet another very important feature because usually on public paces we get unwanted objects in our pictures. Removing them is very difficult job because it damages the background too. But with Movavi Photo Editor, it is as easy as painting on few objects. Yes, that’s true. You just need to brush the objects you want to remove and erase them from the picture, like it was never there.

Changing Background

Most of the times we need this too. Changing background of a picture requires professional skills. But if you decided to use Movavi Photo Editor, you don’t need to be a professional. You can change or remove background from your photo even if it is your first photo editing session.

Auto Enhance

You can make your photo much more attractive in just one click, using the Magic Enhance System. It adjust several elements of the picture such as exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, blur effects, sharpness, etc to bring up the best color, highlights the main object, and much more.

Remove Noise

Photos taken usually at night or in low light conditions usually have too much of noise in the picture that makes your photo appear very bad. Using the Denoise feature of this tool, you can remove all these in just a single click. The tool also lets you work with the Vintage photos. You can fix all broken elements of old photos and make them look like new and keep them forever as memory.

Loads of Filters

Movavi Photo Editor brings huge number of amazing Filters with it. From Dramatic to Grayscale, and from Popart to Retro, this tool has every filter you need to your photo amazing.

Watermarks and Caption

It is as easy as typing writing with your pen. You can add background design for the caption text, change its color or change the background color, change fonts and sizes and lots more. It was never so easy.

Apart from these flagship features, Movavi Photo Editor lets you crop, resize, rotate, flip the pictures. It also lets you compress the photos that saves huge amount of space, but without loosing any quality of the picture.


Movavi Photo Editor is one of the best Photo Editor software for PCs including Windows and MacOS. Personally, i like this because it is small in size and light weight compared to other software that offers similar features, such as Adobe Photoshop. If you are a very busy person having no time to work on photos, or even if you are new to these stuffs and do not know how to remove background or any unwanted objects from your very special Photo, then this is the tool you must go with. No need to watch any video tutorial, no special skills required. The software itself will keep teaching you what to do next. Besides, it is very user-friendly and has clean UI itself.

No matter it is any landscape shot or your Portrait for any Social Media DP, turn it into stunning picture it just one click on Magic Enhance. Overall, i liked it very much. The features are very useful with self-learning interface. If you like the trial, you can buy the paid version for just $39.95.


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