How to install iOS on any Android smartphone

How about installing iOS operating system on your Android smartphones and tablets? Yeah. That is possible now. Most importantly, this doesn’t requires and Rooting or expertize. It is just a process of few clicks. Here’s a proof showing iOS running on few Android based smartphones and tablets:

Installing iOS on Android is very easy. You just need to download a software on computer, connect the phone and follow the on-screen instructions. Also there is no special system requirements for the same. You just need to be running Android Kitkat 4.4 and below for the same. Download the software from below provided link.

However, i must tell you that i personally have not tried this. But i can see so many people with positive feed back on XDA and the Download source. So, if you are interesting in installing iOS on Android, do it on your own risk. Although there is very minimal chances of things going wrong.

Download iOS on Android


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