[Solved] Unable to Load PUBG and Garena Free Fire – Internet Error

The two most played game today on mobile phones are no doubt the PUBG Mobile and the similar one from Garena, Free Fire. Now since these both games are internet based games, there are many gamers facing some problems too connecting to the game server. Even i noticed these issues with both of my games time to time.

However, it very less often the problem from the game server, but mostly in our own internet connection. For example, my PUBG as well as Free Fire both get stuck on the loading screen whenever i connect to my own Router. But if i connect to any other router, it works fine. I tried using my Mobile Data and again it works fine, but when i switch back to my Router, it gets stuck again.

While Free Fire doesn’t shows any error (just keep loading for ages), PUBG on other hand throws several error codes, like the one below in this screenshot:

PUBG Mobile Server ErrorIf you are also getting this or any similar error, you must know that the problem is not with the server or with the router. Problem is in network settings of your own phone. To be accurate, it is the DNS server of your mobile device. You can check the step by step process of this fix below as well as in this video:

How to Fix Internet Connection Errors in PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire:

  1. For Android Mobiles:
  • Go to Mobile Settings > Connections > Wifi
  • Long press the connected Network > Tap Manage Network (Modify Networ). This depends on Android version you are using but has to be similar.
  • Now Tap Show Advanced Settings > IP Settings > Change DHCP to Static
  • Under DNS 1 & DNS 2, put any of these combinations:

Pubg Mobile Internet Settings

Google DNS
For DNS 1, you add:
For DNS 2, you add:

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For DNS 1, you add:
For DNS 2, you add:

If you are on iOS, motive is same, changing the DNS address. Just follow the similar process on your iPhone until you reach the option to change the DNS. After doing the same, restart the game and it should work fine.


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