Naval War Arctic Circle Save Game

This game is developed by Turbo Tape games and distributed by Paradox Interactive and is real time naval strategy game. Naval war takes place in year 2030 in North Atlantic, Arctic Ocean and Baltic Sea. War takes place in Arctic Ocean and game has unique feature of no pause in this game as this game is real time strategic game. Game has two viewport one is 2D and one is 3D according to your need you can just switch in between this two viewport modes. All the units like submarine, ships, planes are same like of real time units and of different countries. Play this game according to your skills and complete the task.

To get the proper save game file for this game all you have to do is just click on to the link below and get the save game file as there is no pause facility in this game. Save game file will let you to play the game where you last saved and failed to accomplish the task.

File Info & Download Links
We at TechDiscussion believe in our user's satisfaction, hence we always put only Genuine and Tested files for downloads. To make better experience here, we offer Instant download, no waiting or any of those annoying surveys. Just a single click and save the file on your PC or mobile, for Free! Save Games are best way to progress in the game when you are stuck somewhere, also when you loose your previous game progress due to any reason. Along with Save Games, you can also find Trainers on this website.
Total Files1
File Size64KB
TypeSave Game & Cheats
Note: Always Backup your original save files before replacing them with this or any other Downloaded files from internet. In case something goes wrong, you will atleast have your original game progress safe and resume it anytime.

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