Download WhatsApp APK with new Emojis

WhatsApp has released a new version of IM client for Android having a hundreds of new emojis including extreme sadness faces, hugs, upside down smiles, dollar signs, rolling eyes, nerds, middle finger, etc. There have been many more added in the family emojis, Novelties emojis, and lots more. In the foods category now we also have popped champagne bottle, hot dog, burrito etc. There are also many more racing cars, ice skating, volleyball, weightlifting, etc.

I cannot mention all those hundreds of new interesting emojis here but they are very funny and useful to express yourself and make the chat more interesting. These new addition is done in the latest version that is WhatsApp v2.12.374. However, this is still not available on GooglePlay. It will take a week or more to hit the playstore. But you can download this latest APK from this page and install it manually right away.

WhatsApp with new Emojis APKDownload WhatsApp APK

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