Download Microsoft Translator App for Android and iOS

Microsoft has come with a new essential app for smartphones. It is ‘Microsoft Translator’ now available for Android and iOS platform including wearable devices such as Android Wear and Apple Watch. Using this app you are not limited to language barrier. Translate anything instantly on the go.

Microsoft Translator is created using technology which is also used by many well known products and services including Bing, MS Office, Skype, Internet Explorer, Amazon Kindle, Twitter, etc. Which means, it is smart enough to keep your communication live without any barrier.

As of now Microsoft Translator supports upto 50 different languages. You can use it on your Smartwatch as well. Just speak the phrase and get it translated in any language. All these phrases will be Synced between your watch and phone so that you can use it again if required from any device. The app supports Speech as well as Text translations. There are many more useful features you gonna get with new Microsoft Translator.

Microsoft Translator AppDownload APK | Download from PlayStore | Download from iTunes


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