Download Windows Phone app for desktop

Windows Phone 8 is an amazing new OS that add more feature to new devices. Most of the high end Lumia devices come powered by the device. But what if you want to sync your photos and images in the device through your pc. For that you need pc suite software. Nokia PC suite works different compared to another app which is ideally designed to work with Windows Phone. It is called as Windows Phone App. This app is free for download.

Through this app you can sync the device with your pc. It is very easy to use. By default the app take location of your My Documents Folder. You have to tick on My Picture, My Music and My Photos to sync them with the phone. Each time when you connect you can sync the content with your phone quiet easily. It is very easy to use and has a simple interface. It offers you a one way sync through which you can backup your phone on pc.

Windows Phone appDownload Windows Phone app for desktop


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