Download MiFlash – MIUI ROM flashing tool for Xiaomi

MiFlash is a handy software for flashing ROMs on Xiaomi smartphones. It is simply an alternative of Odin for Xiaomi devices. Although Xiaomi provide OTA updates for all their phones, they occasionally release developer ROMs and Beta ROMs so that users can access the new features before its final stable release. In such case, you need to install the ROM manually on your phone. Here, MiFlash lets you install those ROMs without needing any expertise.

Another benefit of MiFlash is it installs all required stuffs at the time of installation itself, such as Google ADB Tool & Driver, Microsoft MTP & RNDIS and Qualcomm USB Driver. You dont need anything else after installing MiFlash. Just start flashing ROM on your smartphone in few clicks. So, if you are Xiaomi user and want to test out some new MIUI ROM, go ahead and download MiFlash for your Windows PC.

Xiaomi MiFlash ToolDownload MiFlash Tool

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