Telepath RPG: Servants of God Demo

Telepath RPG is third game in series of Telepath RPG and it does not follow the previous installment of Telepath RPG. Game is developed by SinisterDesign. Game play is turned-based strategic game. Story line of this game is traditional and player is provided with the telepath power to read the minds of the opponent and destroy their thought and strategy.

Your city is conquered by Zealous Theocracy and your parents are send to unjust imprisonment and from here story starts, you have to save your parents and city. To accomplish this task you are allowed to prepare your army, strike deals with some factions and each are of different and unique skills and abilities which can be used to manipulate and decimate your enemies. With the help of proper strategy and tactics you can just use your power to defeat your enemies and gain your city back from Zealous theocracy.

Telepath RPG Servants of God


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