Bang Bang Racing HD for Android

Bang Bang Racing is a full HD game for the racers. The Big bang has very great visuals as it is hd and comes with really nice features. Enjoy racing with 4 control methods and make the best use of the 4 racing classes. You can choose from 8 different tracks to race on and 20 really amazing cars stuffed with cool features to ride on. Bang bang offers trial mode, championship and single race mode too.

Earlier, the bang bang racing THD was released for Android-based devices, PS3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft windows. Bang bang games give the player a unique racing experience where you get to ride different car classes, and features like N-Dura, Evo GT, Protech and Apex and choose up to 54 possible configurations. The game was released few days back for the android users. Like any other game you have to finish before all others using your keyboard control abilities and racing experience.

Bang Bang Racing HDDownload Bang Bang Racing HD for Android


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