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Tired of Surveys for downloading a small file? Of course you will be because that’s the most annoying thing today we come across while searching for any free software, Game Saves, etc. Unlike them we offer direct file download to all our users without a single piece of  those annoying surveys or registration.

One most popular website that offers surveys is the FileIce. To be frank, i too have tried downloading files for couple of times but have never finished these surveys ever, and hence never got a single file from such websites. But that got easier now. Here is the crack of those surveys. Using this small file named “FileIce Downloader” you can download any file without going to the surveys. Just out the file link and save the file on your desktop. No more Surveys. Just make sure you have MS .Net installed on your system. It is requirement to run this application.

There are also several website that offers this file “FileIce Downloader” but again they asked you to complete the survey to get this file also. If you dont believe, just give a try on web. Unlike them, you can get this file from this page without any surveys. Just enter the password given below and hit the download button. That’s it.

FileIce Bypass Downloader

File Info & Download Links
We at TechDiscussion believe in our user's satisfaction, hence we always put only Genuine and Tested files for downloads. To make better experience here, we offer Instant download, no waiting or any of those annoying surveys. Just a single click and save the file on your PC or mobile, for Free! Download these Windows and MacOS softwares for your computers and make the most out of it.
Total Files1
File Size1.50MB
Last Updated10/02/2019
TypeComputer Softwares
Note: These softwares are meant to work with your computers. Just in case you face any problem, do comment below and we will help you out.
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  1. My slow internet connection dosent allow to download this file and after writting passwor and pressing enter results into nothing for me please help me by sending direct link

    1. I can still download it without any problems buddy. Just change your browser and make sure you are not pulling this download with any Download Manager software.

    1. Sorry.. i’m unable to understand what do you exactly mean by “doesn’t give me the link. error”? Are you not able to download ? If yes, you just need to enter the password ‘TechDisc’ and hit the button. Download will start itself.

    1. Total file size of the file is 1,539.39 KB… You might be downloading it using Download Manager. Hence you are getting the same. Download it using the browser’s built-in download manager.

  2. i’m using chrome and the download is not starting. what exactly can interfere with the download? i have no download managers

  3. Bro, whenever I try downloading, the zip is coming only of 41 b. I have tried downloaded through my phone and also through my computer. please try to fix it

  4. I still cant download this.

    plz upload it to zippy and send the link to my email
    plz im searching it from years. plz a humbly request.

  5. I still cant download plz upload it to zippy and send the link on my email.

    Searching from months. Hope i got working downloader…

    1. Hello Kunal. I’m still able to download it comfortably in Chrome and its File Size is 1541 KBs. Can you please tell me what exactly happens when you enter the password and hit the button?

  6. i entered the password and download started but the download is failed everytime please send buypasser tool to my email i shall be greatful to u please send me i tried about 50 te but everytime the download fails!!!

  7. dude i m unable to download this file please please send this file to my gmail account please…

    1. We are not allowed to do that buddy. You will have to download it from this site itself. I dont understand why and how you are getting the problem. This site and downloads has been tested on all browsers and all operating systems. Works all fine.

  8. excuse me, i entered TechDisk/techdisk/tech disk as the password box but it keeps saying wrong password. plz help!

      1. Actually he was right, couldnt get the download by typing in the pass, but copy/paste from your post here worked, what is actually same i typed in, but for some reason did not worked, tryed in maxthon firefox and chrome too, and my caps are not on 🙂

  9. dear it cant show its memorry
    when i click IDM show FILE INFO but not shown its memorry wn i click DOWNLOAD it show a ERROR message
    what i do?????????????????

  10. dear i DOWNLOAD it successfully
    but wn i open it it shows an error
    Insufficient System Recources Exist To Complete The Requested sevise

  11. hey buddy,i have downloaded the file and it works but the my problem is when i try to download a fileice file it is showing an error.plz tell me how to use it.And the software is not like that its totally different like the software version is v3.3

  12. mai ne bhi ye download kiya hai lekin ye kam nai karta ye software kahta hai ke supporter ke sath raanta karo ab mai kiya karo mujhe fileice ke downloader ki sakht zaroorat hai please meri help karo

  13. Thanks for this tool, but when I try to download my file ( the program asks me for a file name, I give a random name and it says me “the process cannot access file, an unexpected error occurred when trying to download file. please try again or contact support”.
    What to do???? Thanks 😀

  14. where is the download link i dont see any link to download please send me the link of this software i will be please to see that dear friend

    1. Hello sANJIVSIR. I just checked the download and it seems working fine. You need to enter password “TechDisc” in the field provided below the image and then click the download button. File will start downloading.

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