Far Cry 4 Mission 22 to Mission 26 Save Game

Here i am posting Save Games for 5 missions of Far Cry 4, i.e. Mission 22 to 26 that includes missions named Advanced Chemistry, Shoot the Messenger, Kill Or Be Killed, Don’t Look Down and mission A Key to the North. All files can be downloaded individually below. However these are my own genuine save files, before putting these save files to your save directory, make sure you backup the original files, for safer side. In case anything goes wrong, you will have the your game progress safe. Enjoy the game 🙂

File Info & Download Links
We at TechDiscussion believe in our user's satisfaction, hence we always put only Genuine and Tested files for downloads. To make better experience here, we offer Instant download, no waiting or any of those annoying surveys. Just a single click and save the file on your PC or mobile, for Free! Save Games are best way to progress in the game when you are stuck somewhere, also when you loose your previous game progress due to any reason. Along with Save Games, you can also find Trainers on this website.
Total Files5
File Size101KB
TypeSave Game & Cheats
Note: Always Backup your original save files before replacing them with this or any other Downloaded files from internet. In case something goes wrong, you will atleast have your original game progress safe and resume it anytime.
FC4_M26_AKeytotheNorth  Download  
FC4_M25_DontLookDown  Download  
FC4_M24_KillOrBeKilled  Download  
FC4_M23_ShoottheMessenger  Download  
FC4_M22_AdvancedChemistry  Download  



  1. You have done a great job sir but I wanna know why you didnt complete the side missions too like liberating outposts or bell towers or anything like that….. You just did campaign missions?? Why??

      1. Hello!

        The file is a \Profile save, but it seems I (and everyone I talk to) have \SaveGames files. Can we convert them somehow? How do I use this?

        Putting these files into the /bin/Profile/xxx.sav location does nothing for me on game start up. No games found.


  2. I would like to download your save files for Far Cry 4. I am hopelessly stuck with the Willis at the airport mission.

  3. I am not able to download the save file. Everytime i download the file after the password a 22byte file is downloaded and win rar gives an error that the file header is corrupt. Please refresh the download links or the files.

    1. Hi Vikram. I am really sorry for the problems you facing. I just check downloading all 5 files and all are working good here. Are you using any Download Manager to get these files? If yes, you will face the problem. Try downloading using the browser’s built-in downloaders. Also, can you please tell me which specific Mission save you trying to download?

  4. Whenever I put the password and try to download the files…. A blank page comes up with only
    *Location of save file* must have to be writable

    1. Hello Anvay. Please give us an hour. There is some internal problem from server end. We are fixing the same. Once done, you will be able to download the files without any problem.

      Thank you for your co-operation 🙂

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