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  • Mobile Wallet Technology

    Five Forseen Trends in Mobile Wallet Technology

    Mobile wallet technology has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. With the latest trends in the market, it is evident that the smartphones are turning out to be another sort of payment method by replacing the traditional old wallets. With enhanced security and seamless transactions, mobile payment services such as Google Pay and Apple Pay have become successful…

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  • Why Social Media is the New Market

    Introduction With a global total of 4.2 billion internet users and 3.2 active social media users as of January 2018, Social media is no longer a want but a need. It’s a significance that cannot be ignored especially in the business world. Whether you run a small shop or a multinational company social media is a treasure to your business.…

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  • EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard (v12.8) Review – Faster and Smarter Recovery Tool

    We have reviewed and said earlier too that EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is one of the best free  data recovery software available in the market. Recently the software got updated to version 12.8 and i found some new features as well as huge improvements in the functionality. So, thought to post it again to make users get benefit from the…

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  • DVDFab Video Converter Review

    DVDFab Video Converter Review – The Best Tool You Need For DVD & Blu-ray

    Now a days when everything is changing, your world of multimedia fun will also never be the same! Ever wanted simple conversion software that can help you quickly change the format of your video files, photos, and other digital media? Then use this software which provide the blink-eye speed of conversion. We are here talking about DVDFab Video Converter that…

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  • Coolmuster Android Assistant Review

    Coolmuster Android Assistant Review – A Complete Mobile Solution for Your Android

    Smartphones today have become an important part of our day to day lives because it carries so many important and crucial data, from family memories to office files required next month. And if you accidentally delete them than that’s the worst digital disaster. So, to deal with such problems we as a backup support have an option to save our…

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  • Skysoft Toolbox WhatsApp Transfer

    How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat From iPhone to Android

    Since the launch of iPhone 10 years ago, Apple set a new bar for smarphones. It has huge number of users worldwide and sets a different class altogether when it comes to Internet Communications Devices. That is why we have seen a lot of people switching from Android/Windows phone to iPhone. Having said that, in recent times however there is…

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  • Malware removal plugins

    The Best Malware Removal Plugins For WordPress

    Malware is a permanent concern for WordPress site owners. The open source nature of WordPress allows users to customize their site exactly how they want it to be. Many developers have created plugins and themes for WordPress, which are popular because of the features they offer. Some malicious developers have also created tools with malware engrained in them to carry…

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  • Social Media Platforms for Business

    What Are the Best Social media Platforms for Start-up Businesses?

    Social media can be a great platform to market your start up business. It is cost effective, and will not take up a large amount of your business’ already limited resource pool. There are many different social sites which offer a range of free and paid advertising options. For start ups with minimal resources set aside for growth, these are…

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  • AidaForm Online Form Builder Review – An Uncomplicated DIY Tool To Create Forms

    Trying to build online forms by yourself can be difficult and requires you to know some code in HTML and CSS at very least. The same applies if you want to customize ready-made forms that you find elsewhere. If you’re looking for a less complicated option – try AidaForm. It is an online form creator designed specifically to make creating…

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  • DRmare Spotify Music Converter Review

    DRmare Spotify Music Converter Review – Spotify to MP3 and DRM Removal

    Although there are many music services now a days but still Spotify has covered its crowd when it comes to high quality online music streaming. There’s reason why over 70 million people choose Spotify, and that is over 30 million free music. However, there’s also Paid subscription that gives some extra features. But can you take these songs and playlist…

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