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  • DesignCap Review

    DesignCap Review: An Effective Assistant to Help You Create Professional Posters Online

    The poster is considered one of the essential and effective media of advertising even in this modern digital world. Have you ever made posters for promoting products or events? Have you ever made ones for your social media covers? Or have you ever looked for tools to make EBooks covers? To get impressive posters, you could hire a designer or…

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  • 5 Steps – Integrate Facebook Ads with Google Ads

    Are you willing to use Facebook advertising campaign? Nowadays, paid advertisements are on the hype it is providing enormous benefits to users. Facebook and Google both are providing their best. With the help of such ads, one can improve the sale of the business. It would be challenging to choose the best method of advertisement because both are beneficial in…

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  • DesignEvo Logo Maker Review

    DesignEvo- The Best Website for Creating Custom Logo Designs

    A good logo can help gain an awesome first impression while presenting your brand profile. It needs a lot of efforts, time and skills to design a perfect logo for your brand needs. But instead of hiring an expensive designer, you can rely on some great online services to get this job done perfectly. I have scoured the web for…

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  • EaseUS Data Recovery Review

    EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review

    The Data Recovery tools are one of the most important stuffs you need if you carry GBs of important data with you on your Laptop, or Portable drives, USB, or SD Cards, etc. Data loss can occur of several reasons like accidentally deletion, drive corruption, drive damage, and so on. So, to get them back, we need feature pack Recovery…

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  • MacX Video Converter Pro

    MacX Video Converter Pro Review: Must have Tool for 4K & HD Video Processing

    With the increase in number of gadgets and devices now a days which we use to share and watch our memories, photos or videos, the need of Video Converters are also increasing simultaneously because the devices are from different brands built upon different operating systems, etc. Hence we can’t watch a particular video on every other gadgets/devices since they support…

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  • Facebook

    Must-Know Facebook Privacy Setting For Parents

    Parents generally are not aware of with the Facebook privacy settings but a few in particular that are not tech-savvy at all. Having the less information to the parents regarding privacy settings of the messenger don’t make them keep an eye on the kid’s Facebook. If you are concerned parents about the privacy of your kids especially on FB instant…

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  • How to Remove Forgotten Windows 10 Password with iSeePassword

    Hello folks, how are you? Today we are going to discuss about one of the most asked questions in our blog on how to remove Windows password if I forgot it? First of all, you must know that you are not the only one who has experienced this in their lives, so there’s no need to be embarrassed about. If…

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  • Stellar Android Data Recovery

    How to Recover Deleted Photos from Android Smartphones

    Embedded with a number of amazing features, Android mobiles are becoming powerful smartphones for people who want to do more with their handset. It has, virtually, most attributes that a user desires to have in their mobile gadget. In addition to their most thrilling characteristics such as a screen of size as big (more than 5 inches), support for complete…

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  • Stellar Data Recovery

    Digital Data and Need for Data Recovery

    Everything around us is basically driven by data. Imagine you are working on an important presentation that you were editing and suddenly your laptop’s hard disk has crashed out of nowhere, how would you feel? You will start imagining your boss scolding and a likely possibility of getting fired. Your world will come to a standstill. Well, you don’t need…

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  • RAID 50 Security

    How Secure is RAID 10 and RAID 50

    RAID drives are combined into a single logical unit that provides data redundancy with increased overall system performance. The biggest advantage of using a RAID system is that it has fault tolerance ability that enables a system to perform continuously even when one or more hard drives have failed. There are multiple ways to distribute data in a RAID system…

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